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Use our simple turnkey solution to make your products available to consumers around the world!


What we do

We help vendors sell online and deliver their products internationally

What we do

Use our online platform to promote your products internationally and our 3PL service to deliver your products internationally


Tailored made - turn key solutions that match the vendor requirements

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With more than 10 years experience in e-Commerce and international sales we offer field tested solution

In software development, agile is a set of practices intended to improve the effectiveness of software development professionals, teams, and organizations. It involves discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers/end users. It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages flexible responses to changes in requirements, resource availability, and understanding of the problems to be solved.

Agile development allows our platform to evolve along with your business. Flexibility is a key ingredient in order to be successful internationally.

Agile Development


Going International is our passion and these are our stories

Who we are

TPL is an e-Commerce company based in Patras, Greece, TPL stands for Third Party Logistics. TPL team has been on the front lines of e-commerce since 2006, helping retailers and brands connect with customers, optimize operations and grow sales channels. We have grown from a small company in a young industry to an 3PL service provider at the forefront of a global revolution.

We offer tailored made solutions to customers worldwide helping them penetrate new markets. TPL connects its customers with new and existing sources of demand for their products, including e-commerce marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy, and as well as digital marketing channels, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Bing are among some of the more notable companies that we formed partnerships with. Since 2017 we have gone one step further creating a 3PL service to support our customers and help them deliver their products internationally hassle free via our flexible, cloud-based platform.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board boosts TPL's expertise, perspectives, and decision-making, enhancing competitiveness.

  • drake g behrakis advisor at tpl

    Drake G Behrakis

    Co-Founder 2TmX Advisors

  • achilleas lazarou advisor at tpl

    Achilleas Lazarou

    Network Development Senior Manager at Coffee Island

Meet the Team

We are led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn.

  • Cooper



  • Spyridon Kotsalidis

    Spyridon Kotsalidis

    Founder - Managing Director

  • Nikolaos Tsamis

    Nikolaos Tsamis

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Giorgos Nikolakopoulos

    Giorgos Nikolakopoulos

    Head of Product

  • Ioannis Taranas

    Ioannis Taranas

    Senior Software Architect

  • Athanasios Pountzas

    Athanasios Pountzas

    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Michail Tsamis

    Michail Tsamis

    Warehouse Manager

  • Konstantinos Avgerinopoulos

    Konstantinos Avgerinopoulos

    Product Specialist

  • Nikolaos Georgopoulos

    Nikolaos Georgopoulos

    Product Specialist

  • Panagiotis Panagopoulos

    Panagiotis Panagopoulos

    Operations Agent

  • Pinelopi Kosma

    Pinelopi Kosma

    Product Specialist

  • Filippos Filias

    Filippos Filias

    Software Developer

  • Olympia Kotsalidi

    Olympia Kotsalidi

    Product Specialist

  • Vasileios Angelopoulos

    Vasileios Angelopoulos

    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Ioannis Kalliakmanis

    Ioannis Kalliakmanis

    Operations Agent

  • Athanasios Drakopoulos

    Athanasios Drakopoulos

    Operations Agent

  • Dimitrios Klouras

    Dimitrios Klouras

    Head of Accounting

  • Evangelos Nikolakopoulos

    Evangelos Nikolakopoulos

    Customer Care Agent

  • Athanasios Diamantis

    Athanasios Diamantis

    Frontend Developer

  • Emmanouil Zacharioudakis

    Emmanouil Zacharioudakis

    Back-end Developer

  • Chistos Dimopoulos

    Chistos Dimopoulos

    Software Developer

  • Thodoris Kapogiannopoulos

    Thodoris Kapogiannopoulos

    UI/UX designer


  • TPL has been honored and awarded the 2023 Hellenic Initiative’s Venture Impact Award, as one of twelve Greece’s most promising dynamic startups that ‘Give Back!

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  • TPL was awarded with 4 e-volution awards in 2019 for Operations & Back Office category receiving the Gold Award, amongst some very strong competition.

    Additionally, TPL won three Bronze awards in Commerce Platforms, e-Strategy, International e-Commerce. Those awards are reflections of our continual hard work, we are very proud to be part of a recognized award-winning team.

    E-Voluation Gold Award

    Operations and Backoffice

    Multichannel sales platform


    E-Voluation Bronze Award

    International e-Commerce

    Best Practices

    TPL,DNA Filters

    E-Voluation Bronze Award

    e-Commerce Platforms

    TPL eASY Export


    E-Voluation Bronze Award


    International Expansion


  • TPL was a finalist in Envolve Awards Greece 2018. We were awarded for our innovative cloud platform that allows vendors to place their products online on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Google etc. and our 3PL service which brings the products to customers wherever they are located globally, reducing the logistical complexity of international shipments.

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